We can’t wait to share this friends to lovers, fake dating romance with y’all!


Here are some things you can expect:

💍 Childhood friends to lovers

💍Fake engagement

💍Mutual pining

💍Small-town drama

💍 Big family dynamic



Keep reading for a little sneak peek!


I’m not sure who leans in first, but our lips crash together in a hot, greedy kiss. His hands slide over my skin as I cling to him, needing more. His tongue tangles with mine, and when he lowers a hand to my ass, I moan against him. With his erection pressed against my stomach, I’m filled with so much desire, I can’t hold back anymore. Years of fighting my attraction, of denying the little butterflies that surfaced anytime he was near, and resisting the urge to cross those lines have led to this moment. It’s finally happening without a single ounce of doubt from either of us.

“My bedroom,” I mutter. 

“This means you’re mine now, Harper. You got that, right?”

“God, yes,” I say eagerly. 

He lifts me until my legs wrap around him, and somehow, he manages to walk there without hitting anything. “You made that look so effortless.”

As he lays me on the mattress, he smirks. “I’m used to the mazes in your house. Between boxes and supplies, I’ve had to maneuver around to avoid stubbing a toe.” 

I chuckle as I lick my lips in appreciation of the view in front of me. “You’re wearing too many clothes. Jeans, off.” 

“Well since you kissed me first, I’ll obey.” 

“You kissed me!” I argue as he does what I say. 

“Sorry, love, but you’re wrong.” The corner of his lips tilts up in amusement. 

I roll my eyes, defeated. “Fine, if that’s what you wanna believe.” 

Once he’s in only his boxers, he crawls between my legs, and I wrap mine around him as his mouth comes inches from mine. 

“Don’t pout. You’re too beautiful to look like someone stole your dog.” 

I chuckle, squeezing my thighs and cupping his face. “Then shut up and kiss me.” 

Ethan worships my mouth, throat, and neck. He grinds his hard cock against me, driving me more wild with each passing second. I drag my nails down his back as my body burns from the inside out. 

“You make me crazy,” he mutters as his mouth trails down my chest. 

My back arches as he lowers the cup of my bra and pulls my nipple into his mouth. The intense wave of pleasure has my breath hitching. 

“Fuck, I can’t get enough. I want to devour every inch of you.” He moves to my other nipple, and the sensations are nonstop. 

“I want you,” I hum. “Please.” 

“I love hearing you beg. Makes me so goddamn hard.”

“You’re already hard,” I counter, teasingly. 

“Impossible not to be when around you, baby.” He presses a final kiss between my breasts before climbing off the bed. “Bra and panties off. I can’t wait any longer. I’ll be sweet and gentle next time.” 

My eyes widen in anticipation as I unhook my bra, then toss it. As I take off my underwear, I admire every thick inch of him. 

“Spread your legs, love. I wanna see that sweet pussy of yours.”