Claiming the Cowboy Circle B Ranch, #7           Claiming the Cowboy is now available on all retailers! Early morning feedings, barn clean up, and chasing goats are Knox Bishop’s everyday routine. That changes when a bachelor auction brings him face to face with the world’s most forbidden fruit—his twin brother’s crush. He shouldn’t tempt her, but the way her body reacts to his makes it too damn easy. Hadleigh has known the Bishop twins all her life and they’ve never crossed the lines. That is until she fools around with Knox and learns he has a piercing south of the...

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Claiming the Cowboy Prologue Sneak Peek

CLAIMING THE COWBOY PROLOGUE SNEAK PEEK   KNOX   “Knox…we’re gonna get caught.” Larissa giggles as I brush my lips over her neck.  “Not if you stay quiet,” I state. “Kneel.”  She licks her lips in anticipation as she undoes my belt buckle and unzips my jeans. People chatter in the hallway as we hide in the cleaning closet of the community center before the bachelor auction starts. Grandma Bishop made me and all the single ranch hands participate, as she does every year, and since it’s for charity, most of us don’t argue. No one is dumb enough to disagree with her anyway. However,...

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Seducing the Cowboy Cover Reveal!

    Seducing the Cowboy Circle B Ranch Series   Cover designer: Outlined with Love Designs Cover photographer: Wander Book Club             Seducing the Cowboy Release Date: September 13th 2022 Synopsis: TBA A FRIENDS WITH BENEFITS SMALL TOWN ROMANCE Kaitlyn Bishop's story (Jackson & Kiera’s daughter from Keeping Him)                       Pre-0rder your copy: Amazon US | Amazon Worldwide | Apple iBooks Kobo | Nook | Google Play   Add to your Goodreads TBR List! Blogger ARC Sign Up...

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The Heart of Us Love in Isolation, #4     The Heart of Us is now available on all retailers! What happens when you’re on the run from your psycho ex-husband and your sexy younger boss goes into hiding with you to keep you safe? You slowly remember what it’s like to fall in love and hope he feels it too. The Heart of Us is an age gap, close proximity standalone romance.               Order Your Copy Today: Amazon US | Amazon Worldwide | Apple iBooks Kobo | Nook | Google Play   Add to your Goodreads TBR List!     START THE SERIES...

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