Noah and Katie duet is now complete!! 🎉

Holding You Close Noah & Katie duet #2 Ex-Con Duet Series   Holding You Close is now available on all retailers!   After serving a decade long prison sentence for an accident that resulted in my husband’s death, Noah Reid returns. Even if he was my childhood best friend and the first man I secretly loved, I refuse to make it easy for him. But the heart never forgets and those old repressed feelings quickly bubble to the surface. Loving him is a dangerous game but one I’m willing to play.  Flirting leads to falling between the sheets, and I’m forced to deal with the guilt of...

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Holding Onto You is now available! 🎉

    Holding Onto You is now available on all retailers!   Love is in the air this year in these 11 full-length standalone romance novels. Whether you enjoy enemies to lovers, friends to lovers, forbidden, or second chance romance—there’s something for everyone in this collection and most importantly, happily ever afters. Consisting of over 1800 pages and a value of more than $47 for a preorder special of $3.99, that’s a HUGE savings! Romance readers need to grab this collection while it lasts because it’s available for a very limited time. Featuring authors: Kennedy Fox | The...

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KISSING THE COWBOY and WINNING THE COWBOY Circle B Ranch series These small-town romances can be read as standalones and in any order.   Cover designer: Outlined with Love Designs Cover photographer: Wander Book Club Cover models: Drew Leighty & Rodiney Santiago             KISSING THE COWBOY   A fake dating romance featuring Ethan Bishop! Release Date: June 15th, 2021 PREORDER HERE                     WINNING THE COWBOY An enemies to lovers Romance featuring Kenzie Bishop! Release Date: July 20th,...

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Pushing You Away is now available! 🎉

  Pushing You Away Noah & Katie duet, #1 Ex-Con Duet Series   Pushing You Away is now available on all retailers! I’ve been in love with my best friend Katie Walker for as long as I can remember. We may have shared our deepest, darkest secrets but that one I’ve kept to myself. Before I got the courage to confess my true feelings, my cousin Gabe moved to town and swept Katie off her feet.  I should’ve admitted how I felt but I couldn’t—especially once they got married. When I caught Gabe cheating on his pregnant wife, I snapped. A deadly fight erupted and before I could...

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