While the Bishop Brothers have found their happily ever afters, it doesn’t mean they don’t get their fill of drama, dirty diapers, scandals, and more! We love the Bishops so much and can’t let them go, so we hope you enjoy these little extra glimpses into their lives!




Drew, the triplets, and I have been in beautiful Hawaii for the past fourteen days, and we’ve had the time of our lives celebrating my parents’ wedding anniversary. The entire Bishop family is here, and we’ve done all the touristy things from visiting the volcanos, taking an island tour, and even went whale watching. It’s incredible for all twenty-four of us to all be together and celebrate their love and the life my mom and dad made.

Convincing them to leave the ranch and get on a plane wasn’t easy, especially considering they didn’t even know where they were going. The only way I can describe it is like trying to help a stubborn old heifer give birth. The big surprise almost didn’t happen because Mama is so damn hardheaded. She’s always talked about visiting Hawaii, but she never had the guts to do it, so all the kids pitched in and made it happen.

My brothers promised me our parents would be there, especially after all the planning it took. While they’re away, the ranch is being taken care of by our trusted workers.

Since Drew and I live in California, we met everyone at the Los Angeles airport, then announced where we were going before boarding a plane to Honolulu. To say Mama was shocked would be an understatement, but she and Daddy were really excited to have the whole family together for the first time in two years. The last time Drew, the kids, and I were in Texas was for Riley and the triplets’ tenth birthday parties. They’re twelve now with teenage attitudes and are glued to their iPads.

Though the California beaches are a huge improvement from the chocolate milk water on the coast of Texas, they don’t even compare to the ones in Hawaii. The sand here is so white it nearly blinds me during the day, and the sky is so blue, sometimes I lose focus of where the water ends on the horizon. I’ve had the best time hanging out with my sisters-in-law and love that our kids get to play together again. My life is hundreds of miles away from everyone else. I don’t get to visit them as much as I want, so I’ve soaked in every minute of the past two weeks.

As we all sit out by the pool, relaxing with a cocktail in hand, I realize how much I’ve missed everyone. Sure, they’re loud and Southern to the bone, but I wouldn’t trade them for the world. Jackson—no matter how old he gets—will always give us a run for our money, and this trip has been no different. I thought after he got married and had kids, his antics would settle down, but I was so damn wrong. He’s a child in a man’s body. Sometimes, he’s worse than his own twin boys.

As I sit on the lounge chair drinking with my pinky out, he takes off running from the other side and does a cannonball right in front of me. Water rises and splashes in our faces. While I try not to say too many obscenities in front of my kids, Jackson has me cussing up a storm.

He kicks his feet, continuing to get all of us wet, and I groan loudly, but he’s not fazed. He lives to annoy me, and everyone else too. But he loves getting a rise outta me because I’m not around very much, and I’m his only sister. I turn and look at Evan, who shrugs with a grin. He’s the oldest and is supposed to help me, but he doesn’t, and then Jackson splashes me again.

“Jackson Joel Bishop! Leave your sister alone,” Mama yells from a chair under an oversized umbrella. She uses that tone that used to make the hairs on the back of my neck stand up. The grandkids get quiet, but he’s immune and continues to antagonize me.

“She started it! Courtney gave me a dirty look,” he whines like he’s seven.

Kiera shakes her head and apologizes for him.

“I cannot believe you married him.” A sly grin spreads over her lips. “Sometimes, I can’t either.” “Oh, you’re trying to get my wife to help you? Sorry, Sis. She’s Team Jackson all the way.” He makes a thrusting motion in the water, and I gag with an eye roll.

I lift my eyebrows at him and chug the rest of my alcohol, hoping I didn’t just suck down pool water, then set it down. He continues, so I sprint and dive into the pool after him. I dunk Jackson and push water toward his face when he comes up for air. That’s one thing about growing up with brothers; I can take it, but I can also give it. Jackson puts me into a headlock and pulls me under, and I try to fight my way out of his hold. When I come up for air, I call him every word under the sun. It doesn’t take long for us to clear out the pool area until there’s no one but Bishops around. While I want him to stop, I’m too stubborn to give up.

“Mom, I’m hungry,” Anderson tells me, rubbing his palm over his stomach. As soon as one kid says they’re hungry, then they all do. Considering there are so many of us, it’s an enormous feat to sit together, but somehow, we’ve managed so far.

After we dry off and go to our rooms to change, we meet at the restaurant downstairs. Once we sit, Drew wraps his arm around me, and his fingers trail against my skin, causing goose bumps to form. I look at him and wink, then glance around the table at my family that I love so much.

There’s a TV at the bar, and I see some warning flash at the bottom. I lean closer to Drew, and whisper, “What does that say?” His eyesight is ten times better than mine. “Says a tropical storm is coming soon and to take shelter.” 

I stare at the screen, keeping my voice low so I don’t worry the kids. “What does that mean exactly?”

“If it’s bad enough, I might need to call my boss because our flights could get canceled tomorrow.”

My mouth falls open, and I suck in a deep breath, wanting to stay calm. Instead of alarming everyone, I try to focus on everyone chatting and decide I’ll google it later.

Daddy smiles as he talks about the ranch and all the things he needs to do when he gets back. Mama chats about the B&B, and Kiera is deep in conversation about horse training with Jackson. John and Mila laugh about something with Emily and Evan. River and Alex are too busy reminiscing about meeting in Florida to pay attention to anything. All of our kids are at the opposite end of the table, sucking down sodas and chewing with their mouths open, but I can’t even find the heart to demand they mind their manners because the moment is too perfect. Being together is all that matters, and I’m as happy as a hog in mud about it.


THIS MORNING when I woke up, I got an alert on my phone that all outgoing flights from Honolulu were canceled because of a tropical storm making landfall. Courtney warned us about it late last night, so I expected it, but it still kinda sucks. There’s no telling how long we’ll be stuck here. Thankfully, the hotel has been nice about letting us stay longer.

The rain beats against the windows as if it wants to come in. The sky that’s been blue is now the color of a dark bruise. River and I have been lounging around most of the day while Rowan and Riley have been with their cousins. It’s been a quiet day for us, which is rare. All the grandkids decided to camp out in my parents’ room tonight, which means we’re kid-free for the next twelve hours.

River loops her arms around my waist as I stare outside. The wind has really picked up.

“After this, we’re never gonna be able to get Dad to leave the ranch again.” I laugh and turn around, then place my lips on hers.

“That’s very true. But I also think they’re enjoying spending time with the kids.”

I kiss her again, almost getting lost in the moment. “I love you.”

“I love you too,” she says. “The ranch is gonna be fine. There’s really nothing to worry about because Jackson’s here, so there’s no trouble at home.”

That makes me chuckle. Just as I’m about to turn on the TV and watch the news, the lights flicker, and I get a text from Evan.

Evan: I’ve got tons of whiskey. Come over. Everyone else is already here

This trip was a much-needed vacation for him and Emily. They’ve been working so much lately. He went all out and rented a damn suite that has several bedrooms inside, along with a table large enough to fit twelve. I ask River if she wants to go, and she agrees, then grabs her cranberry juice and vodka.

“Is Evan drunk or something?” she asks because he’s usually so uptight.

I laugh. “Maybe. Having a party usually isn’t his thing. Even in high school.”

“Maybe he was blackmailed into it,” she suggests. “You know how he gets when Courtney’s around.”

“Loose as a goose and only happens once in a blue moon. Might as well enjoy it.” As the words leave my lips, lightning crashes, and hail pounds against the windows.

We both jump, unnerved by it. I’ve never experienced a storm this intense. At home, we get the occasional rain or hail with high winds, but it’s typically over in a few hours. This has been going on nonstop all day with no end in sight. I swear it’s hovering above us by how low the clouds hang in the sky.

I interlock my fingers with River’s, and we make our way to the end of the hall. Even if I didn’t know where he was staying, it wouldn’t be hard to find. Music and laughter lead us straight to the door. I knock, but no one answers. After a few more moments, it swings open, and Courtney’s standing with a smirk

“Hey, Sis.” I grin at how chipper she looks. She’s already a few KENNEDY FOX 8 drinks in and gives me a hug like she hasn’t been hanging out with me for the past two weeks. “Ahh, my baby brother.” I’m the only one she can say that to, which makes me laugh. Her eyes squint as she chuckles.

“You okay, Court?” River asks.

“Peeeeerfect. Never been better. C’mon, guys.” I snort, shaking my head. You wouldn’t think we’re in the middle of a horrible storm by the sounds inside.

River and I walk into a full room of Bishops. Drew’s chatting with John as Jackson drunk dances to Garth Brooks.

“Oh shit, who gave Jackson tequila?” I glance at Evan, and he shakes his head, then points at Kiera, who’s encouraging Jackson.

“We’re all getting arrested tonight,” I say.

River points at me. “Better not because I’m not bailing you out in this mess.”

Lightning strikes again, and Mila shrieks. I join Drew and John at the giant window, and we stare at the flag that looks like a sheet that’s been starched stiff and put on a pole.

My mouth falls open. “It’s gotta be blowing at least sixty miles per hour.”

“Sixty-five,” Mila says from the couch, glancing up from her phone. “And it’s supposed to get worse.”

Courtney rounds us up and forces us to sit at the table. “We’re gonna play a round of truth or dare.”

A mischievous grin spreads across Emily’s face. “This is such a terrible idea, but I’m totally in.”

John agrees with her from behind us but sits anyway. You never dare a Bishop because we’re all too stubborn to pass on it.

“Alright. Grab your booze. We’re about to have some fun.” Courtney fills her glass with more whiskey.

“Let’s up the ante. We’ll let the bottle decide who goes first,” Jackson says, then leans over and whirls it. I think he and Courtney are on the same team, and I’m kinda scared.

The glass spins around, then stops on him. “This shit is rigged!” he shouts.

John claps his hands together and asks the question. “Truth or dare?”

“You know I ain’t no damn chicken. Dare.”

Courtney grins like the Grinch. “Dare?”

“Ya heard me,” Jackson says, puffing his chest out.

She nods. “I sure as hell did.”

Tapping her finger on her lips, she pretends to think. Making a show out of it, she leans over and stares Jackson in the eyes. “I dare you to strip down to your underwear and go take a lap around the pool.”

“Absolutely not,” Evan chimes in, trying to be the voice of reason, but it’s too late. Jackson has already removed his shirt and is going for his belt buckle.

“You could get hurt,” Emily adds. “It’s lightning out there.”

“If I die, I’ll make sure to haunt every single one of ya.” He cackles, taking off each cowboy boot.

“The wind is blowin’ like crazy. It’s dangerous,” John tries to convince him he shouldn’t, but Jackson’s already got his pants pushed down to his ankles.

Mila turns her head away, and Courtney crosses her arms with a smirk and waits.

“Gimme a kiss before I go, baby.” Jackson captures Kiera’s lips with his. When he pulls away, she tells him how much of a dumbass he is. Regardless, he exits the room, grinning like a dumbass.

The group of us huddle by the gigantic window because it has the perfect view of the pool. A couple of minutes pass, and we see Jackson down there, flipping us off and mooning us before running around the pool. He goes an extra step and jumps in and swims around. When he gets out, he continues laughing his ass off, and I know the rain has to hurt against his skin. Seconds later, John gets a call on his cell. He flips it around, and we see it’s Mama.

“We’re so fucked,” I whisper, holding back laughter.

He puts the call on speaker, and Mama remains calm, but I know she’s as furious as the storm outside.

“Please tell me that wasn’t your idiot brother showing his rear end to God and country by the pool.”

John sighs, and it’s all the confirmation Mama needs.

“He better stay down there if he knows what’s good for him,” she warns with gritted teeth before ending the call.

We snicker until someone loses it, and we all hunch over and laugh our asses off. I’m nearly gasping for air ’cause I know Mama’s gonna chew him up and spit him out. None of us are too old for a good old-fashioned ass whoopin’, and Jackson has one coming.



THE STORM HOWLED ALL through the night, wind and rain stirring up a mess outside. At some point, it was so loud that everyone shouted just to hear each other. Though, that could’ve also been because we were drunk as fuck.

Emily rustles beside me. I tighten my arm around her waist, pulling her closer as she wiggles against my erection.

“Good mornin’,” I whisper in her ear and smirk when the corner of her lips tilts up. She arches her back, and I grip her chin, turning her face. “Don’t start something you can’t finish, sweetheart.”

This vacation has been a paradise for us and healthy for our marriage. We get so stuck in our day-to-day lives and the monotony of working, being with the kids, and then going to bed. It’s the same ole thing week to week. Though I love our lifestyle and going home to my family after being at the hospital all day, getting away from Texas was just what we needed. Emily and I are doctors and work long hours, and there have been days when we only get five minutes alone before passing out from exhaustion. Though we didn’t expect canceled flights, I can’t complain. Being stuck in Hawaii for a few extra days hasn’t been the worst thing.

“Then you better stop your wandering hand…” Emily warns.

“For the love of Jesus, please stop.” River barrels in, looking around. “You’re not alone.”

I blink and sit up, scanning the room. “What the hell?” Drew, Alex, and Jackson are scattered on the floor. E

mily starts laughing as she leans against the headboard and brings the sheet up to her neck.

“Why are y’all on the goddamn floor?” I ask. This suite has enough rooms for everyone to have a bed.

“That’s a fuckin’ good question,” Alex grunts as he gets to his feet and stretches out his arms.

“Don’t even act surprised. I saw Drew humping someone’s leg last night.” John chuckles as he and Mila walk in.

“I don’t know whose leg he was humping, but it wasn’t mine,” Courtney chimes in from the couch next to them.

“It was mine, you cocksucker.” Jackson stands and cracks his back.

“I need breakfast and four mimosas to deal with you pain in the asses for another long flight.” Courtney stands up and kicks Drew before stepping over him.

I grab my phone, and an alert is on the screen. “Speaking of flight…” I draw out. “Airport is still closed.”

“What?” John walks toward me.

Clicking on the app, I quickly read the announcement. “The storm damaged some planes and their runway. Could be another day or two before it’s cleaned up.”

“Oh for fuck’s sake.” Kiera waltzes in with a groan.

“Well, we better go tell Mama,” River says. “I’m sure the kids will be happy, though.” The girls head out except Emily, who’s sliding her foot up my thigh under the covers.

“Yeah, why don’t y’all leave so I can have my wife alone for twenty minutes?” I raise my brows. “Only twenty, huh?” Jackson laughs, and Alex shoves him out the door.

“Keep laughin’. Kiera told me that’s twice as long as you,” Emily retorts.

“Fuckin’ lies!” he howls from the other room. “Lies!”

When the hotel door slams shut, I blow out a breath. “Finally.”

I pull up the covers, climb over my wife, and make love to her for much longer than twenty minutes.

By the time we shower and get ready for the day, it’s almost noon. The grandkids are all hanging out in my parents’ suite, shoving junk food in their mouths and watching TV.

“About time,” Courtney scolds when we enter. “Had to prove a point.” I puff out my chest and glare at Jackson.

He rolls his eyes and scoffs. “Fifty bucks he’s a two-pump chump, then they fell back asleep.”

“Jackson Bishop!” Mom rounds the corner and smacks him upside the head. “We don’t talk like that, especially not in front of the children.”

“Sorry, Ma.” The sorry-ass rubs the spot she hit, then Mama walks away, shaking her head. You’d think she’d be used to this by now.

“If you want a real bet, we should have a race,” Drew suggests.

“I’m not liking the sound of that.” I sigh.

“I’m in!” Jackson fist pumps the air before we get more details.

“You’re worse than the kids.” Mila shakes her head.

“I’m not even surprised anymore.” Kiera chuckles. “Children didn’t make them grow up; they just have someone new to play with.”

Before Drew explains, the little ones start getting antsy and want to go outside.

“Dad and I will take them to the inside pool soon,” Mama tells us. River volunteers to tag along and help.

After we’ve finished eating and the kids have cleared out, Drew rubs his hands together. “Alright, ready? We’re having a chair tag race.”

Shaking my head, I cross my arms over my chest. “A what?”

Drew shrugs with a shit-eating smirk. “Yeah, my partner and I do it at work all the time.”

“Oh really?” Courtney tilts her head. “All those ‘long hours’ of paperwork, right?”

Drew grins. “Right.”

Moments later, we’re standing in a long empty hallway with four desk chairs as Drew explains the setup. Mila volunteers to be the referee while the rest of us get into two teams of four.

“One person sits, and the other pushes until you reach your other teammates, then they continue to the finish line. First ones there win,” Drew says with a nod.

When we’re all ready, Mila raises her arms and announces, “Ready, set, go!”

I push Emily’s chair as fast as I can with Drew and Courtney next to us. We’re on opposing teams, so I bump my body into Drew’s, hoping to slow him down.

“Quit being a cheater!” Courtney shouts as she holds on tight.

“Go, faster, faster!” Emily laughs, keeping her legs up as I speed forward.

As soon as we get to John, Alex takes off like lightning. Then Jackson charges Kiera’s chair, and soon, they’re racing toward Mila.

“Better watch out,” John warns Mila as Alex body bumps Jackson into the wall.

“Motherfucker,” he hisses, pushing right back.

Alex’s legs slide out, causing a ripple effect when he trips Jackson and loses his balance. The entire scene is hysterical, and Courtney and Emily are buckled over laughing.

“Fuck.” Jackson gets to his feet before Alex, and Kiera squeals as he sprints.

“Go!” John shouts at Alex.

A few feet before the finish line, Alex pushes the chair into the other, and they flip over. All four of them fall to the floor, struggling to get back up.

“You asshole.” Kiera swats at Alex. “Coulda killed me.” “Screw this,” Courtney says before rushing forward. Drew quickly follows, and the two of them grab one of the chairs. He pushes her to the finish line, and she raises her hands in victory.

“Yeah baby! Eat cow shit, suckers!”

“That’s cheating!” John holds out his hand at them. “Doesn’t count.”

Courtney stalks back, shaking her head with a grin. “Didn’t say in the rules I couldn’t take their spots if they fell, now did it?”

“There weren’t any rules,” Emily argues as we make our way toward them.

“Exactly.” Courtney shrugs.

Before we can continue arguing over who won and who cheated, a guy in a suit rounds the hallway and comes toward us. “Hey!” “Shit.” I grab Emily’s hand. “Time to go!” We run away from him, leaving the chairs behind.

“Get back here!” the guy yells. The nine of us take off like we’re teenagers who snuck into an abandoned building. We rush around another corner and sprint toward my suite.

Once we’re inside and the door closes, laughter fills the room as we catch our breaths.

“Mama’s gonna kill us for good this time,” Alex says. Jackson chuckles. “Wouldn’t be the first time.”



BEING in Hawaii with Mila and the girls has been an amazing family vacation, but I’m ready to go home. Back to my B&B, my own bed, and Mama’s Southern home cooking.

We should’ve been on our flight to Texas two days ago, but now we have to try and reschedule as soon as the airport reopens.

“I’m bored,” Maize tells me for the fifth time in an hour. You’d think at eleven, she’d take advantage of the endless screen time, but she’s eager to get back into a routine like the rest of us. She loves baking and helping the cooks at the bed and breakfast.

“I’ll play with you,” Mackenzie says sweetly.

“Go away, rat.”

“Maize,” I scold. They’re only three years apart, but for the past six months, Maize’s been in a whole mood. The girls used to play together all the time, and we’d have to constantly remind them to stop talking and go to sleep, but things have changed.

“Well, I don’t want to play baby games.” Maize crosses her arms with an eye roll—another new gesture of hers we’ve been gifted recently.

“I’m not a baby!” Kenzie whines.

“Then stop acting like one.” Maize sticks out her tongue.

I scrub my hands over my face, blowing out a frustrated breath.

“Okay, you stay here and pout,” I tell Maize. “Kenzie and I are gonna find something fun to do.”

“Whatever,” she mutters.

“Put on your shoes, and we’ll go out.”

Kenzie smiles wide, then rushes around to look for them.

“Girls bickerin’ again?” Mila asks as I walk into the other room, wrapping her arms around my waist. “Pre-teen hormones are fun, aren’t they?”

I pull her against my chest and kiss her forehead. “Yep. What terrifies me the most is that in a few years, we’ll have two of them with attitudes.”

“And then our house will be filled with doors slamming and high-pitched ‘I hate you’s.’”

“Can’t we just make them live with Mama during those years? She’s more experienced and would whip them into shape.”

Mila pulls back slightly. “Please. We know how well that worked out for y’all. Also, she’s a softy for her grandchildren.”

My shoulders shake with laughter. “Got that right. Twelve of them and she’s still begging for more.”

“Don’t worry, school starts in two weeks.” She winks, and I press my lips to hers.

“Ooh yes, I love it when you talk dirty to me.”

Mila giggles as we get lost in each other. I capture her mouth and slide my tongue between her lips.

“Ew, gross. Get a room.”

We break apart and see Maize in the doorway.

“We’re in a room,” I mock.

“Kenzie is looking for you. Hurry up before she blows a blood vessel,” she says, then spins on her heels and leaves.

“Lord, bless the man who’s able to take all her sass.” Mila shakes her head.

“Don’t even talk about that. She’s not dating till she’s thirty, and that’s final.”

Mila snorts and pats my chest. “Okay, we’ll see about that.”

“No,” I say firmly. “The boys back home are all little shitheads who’re only after one thing.”

“Just like you and your brothers were,” she sing-songs as she walks to the vanity and sits.

“No, that’s different,” I argue, my hands balling into fists at the thought.

Mila glares at me in the mirror. “I don’t know what you’re even worrying about. Maize will chew any boy up, then spit him out. Plus, I’m pretty sure I overheard Riley telling his friends that his cousins were off-limits to tease or crush on.” She laughs. “In fact, it was quite cute.” I narrow my eyes at cute.

“He’s twelve. What does he know about girls?”

“He’s Alex’s son. Don’t be surprised if he’s married with a baby in ten years.”

I nearly choke at the thought because that means my girls aren’t too far behind. “Fuck that. We’ll lock down the ranch and homeschool them all.”

Mila stands, then turns toward me, patting my cheek. “I think you’ve been cooped up for far too long. You need some fresh air, so why don’t you take Kenzie for a walk through the inside garden?”

“Dad!” Kenzie yells as if on cue. “Are you comin’?”

“Be right out, baby.”

I slide on my shoes and grab a new shirt. “Maybe perform an exorcism ritual to bring back my nice little girl before I come back?” “Don’t worry. I know the cure for hormonal blues. We’ll watch a chick flick and talk about boys.”

“Mila,” I growl, wrapping a hand around her neck.

“Kidding. Go. Have fun.” She shoos me away.

I kiss her, then find Kenzie in the living area clicking through the channels. “Ready?”

She jumps up eagerly. “Yep!”

Grabbing her hand, we head for the door and walk out into the hallway. “You’re not gonna turn boy crazy and start hating your parents too, are you?”

Kenzie wrinkles her nose. “Nah. Boys are dumb.”

I give her a high-five. “That’s my girl. Promise to remember that in a few years, alright?”

She giggles. “Okay, Dad. Whatever you say.”


KIERA CLOSES her eyes and hums as I scrub the soapy washcloth over her soft skin. The stream of hot water falls on us as we take a shower and enjoy the only alone time we’ll get today. We’ll be boarding a plane back to Texas shortly and will be in work mode.

“Lower,” she whispers, my chest to her back.

I smirk at her demand, then bring it between her legs. “Here?”


Dropping the cloth, I cover her pussy with my hand and slide a finger up her slit. “Very, very dirty.”

“Yes, very.”

I circle her clit with one hand and cup her breast with the other. She rocks against my erection, driving me insane.

“Dad!” The door whips open. “I can’t find my iPad.” Knox stands in the doorway.

I yank my hands off Kiera and do my best to cover her while shielding myself.

“Dad!” Kane waltzes in next, then grimaces. “You’re in there together? Yuck!”

“Boys, get out,” I say firmly. Their seven-year-old eyes don’t need to see their parents naked in the shower. “You don’t just barge in when someone’s in here.”

“Why not? Mom does it to us all the time,” Knox argues.

“Boys, go help your sister get dressed,” Kiera chimes in from behind me.

“I’m already dressed. See!” Kaitlyn enters next wearing a princess tiara and pink cowboy boots in only her underwear. At only four, she basically runs our household. Not only is she the only girl of the three, but she’s also the youngest grandchild.

“Kids, out,” I say sternly. “We’ll be done in five minutes.”

“Geez, fine,” Kane mutters.

Once they finally leave, I turn to Kiera, and she’s full-on laughing.


“They’re just so damn cute; it’s hard to yell at them.”

“That’s your fault. They all got your looks.” I wrap my arms around her waist and pull her closer.

“But they got your crazy personality.”

“Fuck yeah, they did, which is why it’s so hard to discipline the little shits when they do the same stupid stuff I did at their ages.”

“Sometimes, I think they just like to test you to see how much they can get away with, or it’s payback for all the heart attacks you gave your parents over the years.”

“Or the rascals just like hearing me yell because they think it’s funny to see me lose my temper.”

“Hmm…maybe. You do have a pretty sexy dad voice, though. I’d let you put me over your lap and spank me,” she taunts, waggling her brows.

“Don’t even start…” I warn. “We have thirty seconds before they barge in here again.”

“Then you better make those seconds worthwhile, cowboy.” She licks her lips, taunting me with her beautiful eyes and sexy body. Kiera lowers her hand to my cock, strokes it a few times, and then I give her the fastest orgasm of her life.


Once we’ve finished packing, we meet everyone in the hotel lobby. I look around and soak it all in. It’s been a crazy couple of weeks. We did something new or adventurous every day besides the four we were stuck inside. The tropical storm took out a couple of windows near the front entrance and downed some surrounding trees, making a huge mess around the resort, but at least the airports are open. I actually didn’t mind the added days to relax before going back to the ranch. The second we get home, it’ll be a complete oneeighty. Spending this quality family time was a nice change.

“Let’s do one last family photo before the bus comes,” Courtney suggests.

We gather around the fountain in the front while she asks one of the staff workers to take a picture for us. I wrap my arm around Kiera’s waist and pull her in close while we wait. “Too bad we weren’t stuck here for one more night.”

“Why? I thought you were eager to get back to the ranch?”

“Because I’d pay Maize and Elle twenty bucks to babysit, so we had one more night alone,” I tell her.

She arches a brow. “Oh really? And what would your plans for us be?”

Leaning in, I brush my lips against her ear. “I didn’t pack lube for nothing…”

“Jackson!” She blushes.

I lick my lips. “And then I’d—” “Dad! Look!” Knox yanks on my shirt, and I pull away to look at him, grunting.

Kids. The biggest cockblockers.


He points up at the sky. “An airplane! Is that one ours?”

Inhaling a breath through my nose, I remind myself not to be upset that my son just interrupted sexy talk with my wife to ask about a goddamn plane.

“I don’t know, buddy. Maybe.”

“Alright, y’all…get into position.” Courtney claps her hands as she returns with someone to take the shot. “We only have a few minutes, so look at the lady, smile, and don’t move.”

It takes at least five tries before everyone gives up and parts. Courtney texts it to us, and then moments later, the bus arrives.

“I’m gonna miss this place,” Kiera says as we board. “We made such great memories here.”

“Sure did, baby,” I say as we find our seats. “But don’t worry. I promise we’ll make many more.”

She smiles sweetly at me as she puts Kaitlyn on her lap. “I love you.”

“I love you too.” I lean in for a kiss.

“Blech.” Kaitlyn wiggles between us.

She jumps into my arms. “Blech? You give Mommy kisses. Why can’t I?”

“Because you’re a boy.”

My brows raise. “Remember that in ten years, Katie Kat.”

“She has two older brothers. Boys would be stupid to mess with her or break her heart.” Kiera chuckles.

Thinking back to when Courtney was younger and how we scared guys off has me cracking up. “Yep. She’ll wanna kill them for it, but they’ll protect her as though their life depends on it.”

“I don’t doubt that one bit. In fact, I almost feel sorry for her, knowing what’s to come.”

“Well, let’s hope we don’t have to find out anytime soon. You stay little, okay?” I tell Kaitlyn.

She giggles. “Okay, Daddy.” “That’s my girl.” I kiss her chubby cheek.

After an ungodly number of hours later, we finally make it back to the ranch. We’re exhausted but have to get up at five a.m. for morning duties. However, looking at my three precious kids happily passed out in their beds with sun-kissed cheeks makes it more than worth it. Hawaii was an experience of a lifetime.