Ethan & Vada are from the book Make Me Forget, book 1 in the Make Me series. Each book can be read as a complete standalone.


The last time we saw this couple was at the end of book 2, Make Me Crazy when Maverick surprised Olivia with a babymoon trip to South Carolina and Vada picked them up at the airport. And last we heard, Ethan & Vada have a son named London.

Author: It’s been quite some time since we heard from you two. 

How’s life in the south? Doing lots of beach days?

Vada: Yes, lots of beach days! London loves the sand and water.

Ethan: Loves to eat it, you mean.

Vada: Well, yes, but he loves to get buried in the sand and then jump into the ocean. He also loves it when daddy throws him in the deep water. 

Author: Speaking of that, how have you two adjusted to being parents? Has it slowed down the pottery business?

Ethan: Paris Pottery & Studio is busier than ever. I’ve brought in more interns and doubled my staff just to keep up with everything. Every time we have a special launch, it sells out in minutes. I’m very happy to say it’s been an amazing few years.

Vada: I’m so proud of everything he does for our family, but even more that London gets to watch his dad pursue his dreams and inspire us. 

Author: How are you two juggling both of your careers?

Vada: It’s not easy, but we’re managing. We have a nanny come in so I can still get some writing done. Ethan does a lot of his work in the evenings after London goes to bed so we can eat dinner together and have some family time. When Ethan’s working, I squeeze in some more work before we both call it a night around midnight. Sometimes later depending on my deadlines, but we’re making it work the best we can.

Ethan: Vada’s an inspiration too, don’t let her fool you with her modesty. When London’s teenage friends find out she writes romance, they’ll be sneaking her books and reading the naughty scenes! 

Vada: Don’t you dare put that out into the universe!

Author: Describe one of your most memorable moments as a couple. 

Vada: That’s an easy one! For our anniversary, Ethan acted like he forgot and rushed out for work without saying anything, so I’d spent most of the morning stewing. It was a Saturday, so I knew he didn’t have to go in. Then a few hours later, he texted and asked me to bring him lunch. I was so mad, I made him the nastiest sandwich, smashed all the chips in the bag, and put pepper on his fruit salad. I marched into the studio, ready to chuck it at him, when all of a sudden, all of our friends and family popped up! It was a surprise anniversary party! I had no idea. But even better, that evening, he whisked me away to my favorite restaurant and hotel. We ordered in room service and then the next day, he took me on a helicopter ride over the city. It was the best surprise!

Author: Wow! That sounds amazing. I’m a little jealous I didn’t get to witness this myself! 

Ethan: Don’t worry, we spent much of the time under the sheets.

Vada: Oh my God.

Author: I see some things never change 🙂 

Author: Any more kids in your future?

Vada: No.

Ethan: Yes.