Hunter & Lennon are from the Roommate duet series, Baby Mine & Baby Yours. The last time we saw them was in the final book of the series. They have three children: Alison, Aaron, and Aubrey. 


Author: It’s been a hot minute since we’ve seen you. Now you’re chasing after three kids. How’s that like?

Lennon: Crazy on a good day, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Hunter: Crazy is an understatement.

Lennon: That’s true. Between extracurricular activities, house chores, laundry, and being their personal chauffeur, our alone time is limited.

Hunter: Safe to say, we utilize our shower time very often 😉 

Author: Speaking of that, have you taken any couple-only getaways? 

Lennon: We escaped to Lake Tahoe every six to twelve months. Though I wish we could go more often, we have brought the kids with us a few times too.

Hunter: We’ve gone to Alabama a couple times.

Lennon: And we’re planning a very romantic anniversary weekend soon to Napa Valley.

Author: How often do you get together with Mason & Sophie and Liam & Maddie and their kids?

Hunter: They’re over at my house more than I am.

Lennon: Not true! Either every weekend or every other weekend we get together. Usually at our house or Maddie’s. Our kids love playing together, so it’s a nice break. We get to chat, eat, and drink while the men watch sports and play with the kids.

Hunter: Yeah, I guess it lucked out your sisters married my friends.

Lennon: Of course, we planned it that way 😉