We got a few minutes to interview Rose Bishop, whose the mother and grandmother of the Bishop kids/grandkids (Bishop Brothers and Circle B Ranch). We wanted to ask her a million juicy questions, but there wasn’t nearly enough time. Hope you enjoy! 


Interviewer: Hi, Mrs. Bishop! Thanks for taking a few minutes out of your day to chat with me. 

Rose Bishop: Honey, please call me Rose. Now, have a seat. How do you take your coffee?

Interviewer: Lots of cream and sugar!

As she fills a mug full, she looks over her shoulder at me as I sit at the kitchen table. 

Rose Bishop: Now, come on with it. I don’t have all day, ya know. Once this pie is done, I’m headin’ out to my quilt club. I gotta a lot of catchin’ up to do with my friends since the last time we met. 

Interviewer: Oh, right. What kind of pie did you bake? 

She lifts a brow, hands over my coffee, and waits for me to take a sip, so I do.

Rose Bishop: Apple. And you’re stallin’ dear.

Interviewer: Sorry. Just a little nervous. Also, the coffee is perfect! So, anyway, a lot of people have been begging me to ask you about all the juicy town gossip. 

She sits in front of me. The sun reflects through the windows and I can see the smile wrinkles at the edge of her eyes and mouth. Sweet smells of apple and cinnamon drift through the kitchen, and I can only imagine how delicious that pie will be. I halfway contemplate joining the quilt club just to have a slice. 

Rose Bishop: I’m a woman of my word and I keep secrets like a vault. If anyone knows anything around Eldorado, it’s me. But I only get involved when it has something to do with my kids or grandkids. Though, I do love a good pregnancy rumor. 

She chuckles. 

Interviewer: Gotcha. Well, I know some vaults are unbreakable so I won’t even try to break ya open. Can you tell us any hilarious stories about your boys or even Courtney?

Rose Bishop: Do you think this hair turned gray from age? Please. My kids are responsible for this. 

Interviewer: You know, the younger generation pays good money for that color. 

Her face contorts and she shakes her head. 

Rose Bishop: Now that’s somethin’ I don’t understand. My grandkids use all these terms and I’m lost half the time. Haveta tell ‘em to speak in old folk language so we can have a proper conversation. 

I snort and she shrugs. I have a feeling she’s not lying.

Interviewer: What are some of the things they say?

Rose Bishop: Bet. For a moment, I thought they were gonna start placin’ money on the table. I had to remind them that Lord doesn’t like gamblin’ in any fashion and they were in stitches over it. Still have no clue what the heck it means. 

She holds up her hand before I can continue. 

Rose Bishop: Don’t try explainin’ it to me either. I like bein’ and stayin’ old fashioned. Set in my ways like that.

The timer on the counter dings and I know my time with Rose is coming to an end. She stands and takes the pie out of the oven, and places it on the stove top, then meets me back at the table. 

Interviewer: So about that story… 

Rose Bishop: I’ll give you one. There was this one time many moons ago, when all the kids were in high school. Jackson had been playin’ some dirty tricks on Courtney for months. Put manure in her bed, placed a fake snake out on the trail so it’d spook her horse, and ridiculous things like that. She kept trying to get him back, but couldn’t outsmart him half the time. So, I took it upon myself to make the playin’ field even. 

My eyes go wide and my mouth falls open. 

Interviewer: Mrs. Bishop!

Rose Bishop: Rose, honey. Call me, Rose. Anyway, Jackson always thought he was sly, sneakin’ out to go horseplay and be with girls. So one weekend, I knew he was goin’ to a party, but I wasn’t supposed to know. Thursday mornin’, before he went to school, I placed a slab of raw hamburger meat tucked up under the seat in his truck. At first glance, it was impossible to see. So he rode around all day Thursday and Friday, and never mentioned it. Saturday, he climbs out his window, and opens the door to his truck. The stench was so bad in his truck, he started gaggin’ outside. Nearly woke up everyone in the house. I put on my rob, went outside, chewed him out real good, then grounded him for a week for tryin’ to bolt. 

Interviewer: Rose…YOU ARE A SAVAGE!

She pretends to adjust her hair that’s perfectly in place.

Rose Bishop: The wind was blowin’ and I could smell it from the front porch. It was horrendous. It took him a month to get rid of it and drove around with the windows down until he finally found it. 

Interviewer: And then what happened?

Rose Bishop: He blamed it on Courtney. Of course, she denied it up and down. Honestly, I haven’t told a soul until now, which means you better keep this to the grave. 

Interviewer: Wait, so all these years later and he still doesn’t know it was you?

Rose Bishop: Nope. And never will. Each of my kids got a little piece of me, but Jackson took everything to the extreme. They always say you’ll have one kid that makes you rethink the others. He was trouble, but it didn’t stop me from growin’ my family. 

She lets out a roar of a laugh and smacks her knee. 

Interviewer: And all this time, I thought you were a sweet little old lady. 

Her pink lips tilt up into a mischievous grin. 

Rose Bishop: Sweetie, I am as sweet as that pie over there. But sometimes, you just gotta take matters into your own hands. Can’t let them get too cocky, ya know? He was always outsmarting his brothers’ and sister. Enough was enough. Then again, pretty sure he didn’t fully learn his lesson until he had his own children. Just as he was my payback kid, Kane and Knox are his. I kinda like that he’s gettin’ a little taste of his own medicine. They actually make him look innocent. Can you believe that? 

She cracks into laughter. Her husband Scott enters and tips his hat at me with a howdy. He looks at the time and Rose stands to give him a kiss. I take the hint and stand as well. 

Interviewer: Thanks so much for chatting with me today. It was a lot of fun. 

Rose Bishop: Thank you. And come back any time. I love company and reminiscin’ about the good ole’ days, when my babies were still babies, and needed me. 

She pulls me into a tight hug. 

Interviewer: I’m pretty sure they’ll always need you, Rose. 

A soft smile meets her lips. 

Rose Bishop: I sure hope so. 

She walks me to the front door and gives me a wave as I walk to my truck. Sitting in the driveway is her pristine Cadillac. 

Rose Bishop: Don’t be a stranger, ya hear?

Interviewer: Yes ma’am! Have fun at quilt club!