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Diesel gets up and moves close to me, taking a seat next to mine. I ignore him the best I can, but it’s nearly impossible when I can smell the fresh scent of his body wash and cologne. I’ve always enjoyed how he smells, even when I was a teenager, but I’ll deny it till the day I die. I try my damnedest to breathe in the other direction, but it’s so obvious, he notices.

He clears his throat, trying to get me to give him attention. Some things never change. I scroll through my social media to tune him out, but it’s no use. Diesel’s being so obnoxious as he shakes his leg and taps his foot. I turn my head and glare at him.

“What do you want?” I look into his green eyes.

He pops an eyebrow. His gaze meets mine, then trails down to my lips, my breast, and further before he shrugs.

“You’re an animal.”

When he leans over, his lips are mere inches from my ear, and his warm breath brushes against my skin. “Only in the bedroom. Care to find out for yourself?”