It’s been three grueling days of seducing Eli and him denying me before we get too far. We watched my show and played my drinking game. There was some action in between, but since then, he’s insisted on an “above the waist only” rule. 

He’ll kiss me and lay with me on the couch no problem, but anything more and he resists. 

Eli’s encouraged me to watch the “classics” with him, including Ferris Bueller’s Day Off and Groundhog Day—which ironically feels like what we’re living in—and I had him watch a few of my favorites like Pretty in Pink, Breakfast Club, and Sixteen Candles. It’s been nice hanging out with him and using this time to talk. I definitely feel like we’ve grown closer and have created a tighter bond, but now I’m ready to jump his damn bones.

Cameron: No matter what I do, Eli still says no! Even when I basically straddle his lap and grind on his cock. And trust me, he’s hard!

Kendall: Did you try just walking around naked? As someone who’s seen your boobs before, there’s no way he’d be able to resist them.

I chuckle, knowing she has a good point. I do have awesome tits.

Cameron: I don’t know. That seems too obvious. And a little chilly, honestly. 

It’s been in the thirties and windy.

Kendall: There’s a trend on TikTok where you walk in on your man naked and record his reaction. Most don’t deny the opportunity and chase after their women. It’s worth a shot!

Cameron: You’re right…I’m playing to win here!

Kendall: Yes, you are! Take off your clothes and go get your man!

Cameron: I’ll report back!

After I get out of bed and take a shower, I slather myself with lotion and spritz body spray. I towel dry my hair and put moisturizer on my face. Wrapping myself in only a robe, I head downstairs to find him. He’s probably making breakfast, and he can stare at my naked ass while I prepare his espresso.

The moment I get downstairs, I untie my robe and prepare to take it off. I’m not going to film his reaction because then he’ll know something’s up, but I will seduce him until he cracks.

Eli’s facing the stove, and my eyes trail down his bare back and stop at his gray sweatpants that hang low on his hips. 

This asshole is testing me.

There’s no way he’s wearing anything underneath them either. I want to tear them off with my teeth.

“Morning,” he calls out, and as soon as he looks over his shoulder, I slide the robe down my arms, and it falls to my feet. He quickly does a double take and blinks.

“Good morning,” I sing-song, walking closer. “What’s for breakfast today?” 

Staring, Eli licks his lips and studies me as I open the fridge and grab my creamer. 

“Uh…thought I’d make you my famous toad in a hole dish,” he answers, then blinks. “Isn’t it a little…nippy to be walking around naked?” 

Fuck yes, it is. “No, I’m pretty hot actually.” I go to the espresso machine and make him a cup of coffee. “Eggs in a basket sounds great.”

I feel his eyes on me as I move around, neither of us speaking as we work. He grabs two plates, and I get the forks, then we set everything on the kitchen table. 

Eli places the pan of food in the middle. “Orange juice?”

“Is there still some left?” I ask. 

“For one cup.” 

“You have it then.”

“Nah. It’s yours if you want it.” 

I arch a brow, grinning. 

“The juice,” he emphasizes.


“We’ll share it,” I say. “Half each.” 

“I can live with that.” He taps his knuckles on the table before going to the fridge. He returns with two glasses and sets them down. Then he leans in, grips my chin, and brings our mouths together.

I moan, loving the taste of him, and wrap my arms around his waist. Pulling him closer, I feel his cock growing hard against my chest, and know I’m getting to him. 

Eli grabs my wrists from behind his back and moves them away.

“I know what you’re doing, and it’s not gonna work.” 

“I’m not doing anything. I’m out of clothes and don’t know how to do laundry.” I bat my lashes innocently, grinning. 

“Is that so?” He leans back, folding his arms.

I shrug, nonchalantly. “Yep. So it’s naked central until I can find a tutorial online.” 

Chuckling, he shakes his head. “I just stuff all my clothes into the washer with the detergent. I don’t think it’s rocket science.” 

“Most of my clothes are dry clean only.” 

“You can borrow one of my T-shirts then.” 

“Seems you’re out of them too since you’re going without one.” I lower my gaze down his body, admiring how delicious he looks. He even has a happy trail going from his belly button to below his sweats. God, I want him so badly. 

“Nah. Just felt like giving you breakfast and a show.” He winks with a shit-eating smirk. He knows exactly what he’s doing.

“Well, I can be your dessert if you’re still hungry…” 

He places a finger under my jaw, then closes the gap between us. His mouth covers mine again, but he retreats too soon. “That’s tempting, it really is, but my answer is still no.” 

I slouch back in my chair, pouting. How the hell didn’t this work? I’m fucking naked, for Christ’s sake! 

“I’m really digging that tattoo, by the way.” He waggles his brows, and I quickly cross my arms over my breasts so he stops staring. I got a little butterfly underneath my left boob for my twenty-first birthday, and only my ex, Kendall, and the tattoo artist know about it. 

“Too bad you’re choosing not to inspect it further,” I quip.

“I can see it fine without having sex with you. But the moment I touch you, you’ll be on me like white on rice. So…” He holds up his hands. “I’ll just admire from afar.” 

I narrow my eyes. “You’re only torturing yourself, you know? I hear blue balls is painful.”

“They can be. That’s why I’m going to take an extra-long shower this morning.” 

Grinding my teeth, I growl and turn in my seat. He walks to the other side of the table with a stupid grin on his face. I grab his glass of orange juice and pour it into mine, leaving his empty. Then I look at him over the rim and scowl as he holds back his laughter. I know I’m being childish, but at this point, I don’t care. Eli is purposely withholding sex to make a point, but there has to be something that’ll make him snap.

And I’m going to figure out what it is.







What do you do when the entire nation is on lockdown?

If you’re an heiress to a billion-dollar fashion company, then you quarantine in a glamorous cabin and finish your final semester of NYU online. The best way to focus on her upcoming valedictorian honor is away from her family, classmates, and the paparazzi. Cameron St. James is ready to get out of the big city and head Upstate for seclusion, despite her parents’ pleas to stay home. 

What do you do when a pandemic is sweeping the world? 

If you’re barely making ends meet, then you isolate yourself in your best friend’s mountain cabin with breathtaking views and no neighbors for miles. It’s the perfect safe place away from three roommates who don’t take the life-threatening epidemic seriously. Elijah Ross is ready to work remotely and focus on his next big promotion, assuming he’ll still have a job after this. 

What happens when things don’t go as planned, and you’re stuck with the one person you dislike the most? 

You improvise and do whatever it takes to avoid each other, though it proves to be impossible. The cold evenings alone turn into movie and popcorn nights together by the fireplace. Days turn into weeks, and eventually, more than just a friendship blossoms. As the unknown haunts them, they lean on one another for comfort—until someone pops their safety bubble and threatens everything.

The Two of Us is an enemies to lovers, brother’s best friend standalone romance set in the current affairs of history in the making. Though the character’s storyline is fiction, the circumstances are very real, and we’re sensitive to this topic. This is a story about hope, love, and so much more with a guaranteed happily ever after.