“Today’s the day, princess. You excited?” I whisper in Viola’s ear as she rustles in her sleep, fighting to wake up for the day. I have an amazing surprise Valentine’s weekend planned for us and can’t wait to get going.

“I will be if you let me sleep for twenty more minutes,” she mumbles, pulling the blanket up to her neck.

“No can do.” I wrap my arm around her, pull her to my chest, then press a kiss to her neck.

“Fifteen more minutes,” she offers.




“Five and a BJ on the way to the airport?”

“Viola,” I growl at the mention of her mouth on my cock. She fucking knows my weaknesses, which is anything that has to do with her.

I suck in a breath and kiss her shoulder. “Fine, but I’m holding you to that.” She smiles as if she knows exactly what she’s doing. “Damn you, woman.”

Sliding off the bed, I shake my head and grin. Even after over a decade together, she still has me wrapped around her finger.

Just as I open the bedroom door, my youngest child TJ comes barreling down the hallway and runs into me. “Whoa, bud. Where ya going in such a hurry?”

“Ginny said she’s going to lather me in honey and drop me off in a forest of bears,” he snitches, almost in tears.

“Well, that’s mildly disturbing,” I say. “Tell her jokes on her because Winnie the Pooh loves honey.”

“Lame, Dad. I’ll just pull her hair again and call her four eyes.” He wiggles his way out of my arms, and I don’t even pretend to be phased anymore. With three kids and three dogs, there’s always someone tattling and roughhousing.  As I look back at all the memories we’ve shared as a family; I wouldn’t want it any other way. My life with Viola and our family is the greatest blessing I could’ve ever asked for. However, if I didn’t put a limit on the number of dogs we could take in, we’d have a dozen by now. I gifted Gryff to Viola when she was pregnant with our oldest, Ginny who’s now in seventh grade, and the other two were spontaneous “gifts” from our friend, Kayla. She’s a dog fanatic, and I’m surprised we don’t have a dog village by now.

“James,” I say as soon as I walk into the kitchen and see the disaster in the sink and on the counter. He’s my creative child and is only fifteen months younger than Ginny. Smart and independent, he acts much older than eleven years old. “Care to explain what happened?” I fold my arms over my chest and lean against the doorframe. “Looks like a tornado blew through here.”

“Don’t look at me, Dad,” Ginny immediately says as she passes me and enters the kitchen with a book in her hand. “I told him not to make a mess.”

“I asked you for help.” James directs his harsh tone at her.

“And I told you I was busy!” she snaps back.

“Okay, okay enough. What exactly were you trying to do?” I ask James.

“I was trying to make you and Mom breakfast before you leave, but the pancakes burnt, and I ran out of batter. So then I tried making scrambled eggs, and they all stuck to the bottom of the pan. And now we’re out of pancake mix and eggs.” He drops his shoulders, obviously disappointed.

I walk toward him, pull him into my chest, and wrap my arms around him. “It’s okay, buddy. It’s the thought that counts.”

“Ew! What stinks?” TJ enters at the worst possible moment.

“Your ugly face.” Ginny nudges him with her shoulder as she walks past him.

And this is why we need a couple’s getaway.

Ginny and TJ are just over three years apart and are always at each other’s throats. She just had her thirteenth birthday a week ago and is already playing moody teenager.

I love my kids, they’re my whole world, but they’re a handful. Between Ginny throwing attitude around like glitter, James exploring his creative side and nearly burning the house down, and TJ getting into everyone’s business, they keep us on our toes on a daily basis. They’re all close in age, and remembering back, it made for some long and interesting nights when they were all little. We found out we were pregnant with James only six months after Ginny was born. After that, Viola got her tubes tied, and we were content with our one boy and one girl. Thirteen months after that, we got the surprise of our life when we found out we were miraculously expecting again—three kids in less than four years. I smile thinking about it. “Sounds like a presidential debate in here,” Viola says, entering the madness.

That makes me snort, but it goes way over the kids’ heads.

“Worse,” I snicker. “Alright, let’s clean up so we can get going.”

“I’ll load the dishwasher,” James offers.

“Ginny, you too,” I say before she can bail. Her book is open with her eyes glued to the pages. I’m not remotely surprised she’s a bookworm just like her mom. Viola doesn’t get to read as much as I know she’d like, but Ginny definitely picked up the habit since she was a little girl.

“I didn’t do this!” she complains, barely looking up.

“If I have to help, so do you!” TJ shouts at her.

“Okay, indoor voices please,” Viola reminds him. “Ginny put the book down for ten minutes.”

“Ugh. So unfair.” She rolls her eyes—her favorite way to express her unhappiness—then sets the Harry Potter book down on the clean part of the counter. “I was getting to a good part.”

“You’ve read that stupid book like a thousand times!” TJ sneers.

“It’s not stupid, you are!” she retorts. “Book seven is the best in the series, thank you very much! Not like you’d know since you can’t read.”

“I can too!” he argues back.

There isn’t enough alcohol in the world right now.

“Ginny, quiet and help,” I direct at her in my deep Dad tone that says I’m not tolerating anymore arguing. “TJ, zip it and help James.”

A moment later, the three of them are quietly working together, but the stares and scowls are loud and clear.

I grab Viola’s hand and pull her into the hallway.

“Have I told you how sexy your bossy voice is lately? Because it really turns me on,” she says in a hushed voice.

“I do it specifically for you,” I tell her with a wink. “Now, you want to deliver that BJ now or in the shower?”

“I said in the car,” she reminds me, smacking my chest. “So nice try.”

“It’s fine. I plan to have you naked most of the weekend anyway.” I wrap my hands around her and squeeze her ass.

“Of course you do.” She smirks, sliding her hand down and rubbing against my dick. “That’s exactly why I packed light.”

Two hours later, the kids are dropped off at my parent’s house, and we’re on our way to the airport. Viola delivers on her promise, and it takes all the willpower in the fucking world not to pull over on the side of the road and fuck her mouth like I wanted to.

“You’re filthy, Mrs. King,” I tell her when I park the car in the airport garage.

She licks her lips with a devilish smirk. “Just paying my debt.”

I take her hand and press a kiss to her knuckles. “And I plan to have you owing me all weekend long.”

“We’ll see about that, Mr. King.”

Once we’re inside the airport, our luggage rolling behind us, I wait for Viola’s reaction when she finally realizes where we’re headed. All this time, I’ve kept it a surprise—something I love to do as often as I can—and have planned this whole long weekend without her knowing a thing. Six months after Ginny was born, I surprised her with a weekend away to Lake Tahoe, and then I took her on a surprise honeymoon to London after our wedding. It’s been years since we’ve been able to get away like this, so I wanted to make it special.

“Texas?” Viola screams the moment she sees our tickets. “We’re going to Texas?” she asks again.

“Yes ma’am,” I respond in a faux southern accent.

She narrows her eyes at me as if she’s thinking it over. “What’s in—” She pauses. “Wait! Are we going to where I think we’re going? The ranch?” She’s nearly jumping out of her skin, so giddy and excited.

“You got it, princess.” I wink at her, pulling her lips to mine. “We’re about to experience some Bishop southern hospitality.”




After an almost five hour flight to San Antonio and then a three-hour car drive to Eldorado, we’re finally at the Bishop’s ranch. We’re both exhausted, but the moment we turn into the Circle B Ranch Bed & Breakfast driveway, we perk up and take in the view.

“It’s been years since we’ve been here,” Viola says, looking around. “Still so beautiful though, of what I can see of it anyway.” She chuckles. It’s pitch black out, but the lights off the barns and B&B porch give off a glow just enough to see.

We came out here years ago for our friend’s Courtney and Drew’s wedding. This is Courtney’s family homestead and where she grew up before she moved to California and met Viola in college. Drew had been my friend for years and the night of our wedding, they hooked up and finally became a couple. We met her entire family when they got married, but it feels like yesterday.

“Mm…” Viola inhales deeply. “I can already smell the fresh apple pies and fried chicken.”

“I don’t know what you’re smelling, but I think it reeks of cow shit and cut grass.” I chuckle, and she flashes me a dirty look.

“Don’t ruin it!” She smacks my chest.

Once I park the car and grab our luggage, we walk up the porch and inside the B&B. It’s a tad late for check-in, but Courtney made sure to tell her brother, John, we’d be arriving closer to the evening.

“Oh my gosh,” Viola hums the moment we step inside the living area. “I forgot how cute it is inside here,” she gushes.

It looks like the inside of an old Country Living magazine with worn wooden floorboards and a large cozy fireplace surrounded by a seating area. Quilts are thrown over the back of the couches, and on the walls there are different rust cowboy paintings hung. I notice fresh flowers placed around in vases and can instantly smell them when we enter. Lamps cast a glow throughout the large room, making it possible to see, though the rest of B&B is quiet. Viola looks around in awe of it all, and I’m so happy she’s thrilled to be here. Honestly, I was a little worried. I didn’t know if she was expecting a special trip like Hawaii or Ireland, or if she’d be happy to go to small-town Texas, but from the way she’s smiling from ear-to-ear, I know I made the right choice. 

“Travis, Viola,” we hear and turn around to see John holding a little girl on his hip.

“John, hey!” I greet him and shake his free hand. “Good to see ya.”

“Glad you guys made it,” he says. “Wife had to run into town and get something at the Dollar General real quick, so I’m on baby duty.”

“John, she’s adorable!” Viola stands closer and makes faces at the little girl. “What’s her name? How old is she?”

“Mackenzie and she’s a year and a half. She’s not normally this shy, but it’s past her bedtime.” John flashes a half grin. Been there, done that.

“Don’t get any ideas,” I tease Viola. After her failed tubal procedure, we took the necessary steps to do another one after she had TJ. To be extra safe, she has an IUD that lasts five years.

“But she’s so cute! I love her little pigtails.”

“You better get us to our room before my wife steals your kid,” I joke when I see Viola holding her arms out for Mackenzie.

“You got it.” He chuckles.

He leads us to a counter and grabs the key. “You’re upstairs, second door on the right. Breakfast is served until nine, then we have pastries and coffee in the afternoon, and then dinner at six. If you want to go into town, there’s a diner with some awesome beef tips.”

“Sounds good. Thanks, man,” I say, taking the key.

We only take a few steps toward the staircase when the front door bursts open, and we see John’s mom.

“They’re here!” she squeals, walking toward us like she’s on a mission. “Courtney told me about your plans to visit, and I just had to come see you!” She takes Viola and wraps her in a hug first and then grabs me next.

“Hey, Mrs. Bishop, it’s great to see you again,” I tell her, letting her kiss my cheek.

“You can call me Mama, Travis. Why have y’all stayed away so long?” She gives me a disapproving look.

“Sorry, Mama B.” I grin. “Kids and jobs get in the way,” I say, jokingly.

“You should’ve brought me those three precious kids. I would’ve watched them for you!”

“Mama…” John warns behind us. “You have twelve grandchildren of your own.”

“Pff. That’s not enough. I need more,” she argues. It always makes me laugh when Courtney talks about how grandbaby hungry her mother is.

“I promise you the next time we come to visit, we’ll bring the whole crew,” Viola says, and I give her a side-eye glance. Next time? All three kids? Hell, the adventure to get here was almost more than I could handle.

“Okay, y’all got yourself a deal then. Make sure to try my famous pies tomorrow,” she orders. “I’m bringing extras just for you two.”

“You don’t have to tell me twice,” Viola says, laughing and I love the sound so damn much. Even after all these years, I can’t get enough of everything she does.

“Mama. They were just going to their room. They’ve had a long day,” John interferes, which I’m thankful for. Though I adore Mrs. B, we’re exhausted, and I want to get my wife into bed and feast on her before we pass out.

“Alright, well I’ll see you kids tomorrow then.”

“Of course,” I tell her. “Thanks again for letting us stay here considering how book y’all have been lately.”

“Courtney was very particular.” She winks.

“I should’ve known she was up to something,” Viola says. She kept telling me what to pack and vetoed every other outfit I picked.”

We finally make it up to our room, and before we even get unpacked, I pull my gorgeous wife into the shower with me and don’t let her out until I’ve tasted her and have her counting her orgasms—I give her a break this time and only make her count to four.

But tomorrow’s a new day, and I’ll be aiming much higher.




“That better be a banana making it’s way up my shorts,” I mutter, half asleep. Travis mauled me the second we walked in our room last night and my legs are still numb.

“You wound me, princess.” His voice is gravelly and rough in the morning, which I’ve always found sexy. His tattoos and abs don’t hurt either, still making him so damn irresistible.

I chuckle and twist around in his arms so I can plant a kiss on his lips. “I’ve barely recovered from last night.”

“Well good thing we’re going horseback riding today, and you won’t have to walk too much.” He flashes me a wink, and I squeal.

“We are? Why didn’t you tell me that sooner?” I nearly fly out of bed with excitement, but Travis wraps an arm around my waist and pulls me back to him.

“Not so fast.” He cups my face and presses his mouth to mine, swiping his tongue between my lips and seeking entrance. Over a decade later, and my man is still hungry for me first thing in the morning. “Mm…can’t remember the last time we got to lay in bed without a child bursting through the door.”

“Thirteen years ago, give or take,” I say, chuckling. Though I miss my kids already, we needed this little getaway.

“Guess we better take advantage.”

Travis hovers on top of me, bringing the covers over us. He slides down my body, moving my shirt up as he kisses his way between my legs. My shorts and panties disappear, and he sucks all around my pussy, teasing and torturing me. His thumb rubs over my clit, slides down, and then he slips two fingers inside my opening.

The tightness makes me gasp and my back arches off the bed, seeking relief. If there’s anything my husband is a master at, it’s knowing exactly where I need him. The connection we share has always been intense and mind-blowing. Our relationship was sizzling hot from the start and watching him be a dad during the day then being insatiable for me at night, makes it impossible to not fall deeper in love with him every day.

“Mm…yesyesyes, right there,” I hum when he flicks his tongue against my clit before bringing it into his mouth. He loves driving me insane like this, but knowing other people are around and could hear us, I bite down on my lip to hold my moans inside.

As if Travis reads my mind, he brings a hand up to my mouth and pushes three fingers inside. I dig my teeth into his knuckles as he thrusts in and out of my pussy. My hips jerk up, seeking more. He’s a master with his mouth and tongue, and it’s a wonder we didn’t end up with three more kids.

An orgasm hits me hard and fast, and when I fist my hand in his hair, he twists his fingers deeper inside me to ride it out even longer. I’m sure I draw blood by the way my teeth clench against him, but if it hurts he doesn’t let it be known. In fact, I’m quite sure he likes it.

“Fuck, baby.” Travis sits up, pushes the covers off us and wraps a hand around my neck, pulling me toward him so I can taste my sweetness on his lips. “Who needs breakfast when you’re the best thing on the menu?”

My head falls back as I laugh at his corny joke.

“You think I’m joking.” He growls, pushing his boxers to his knees and grabbing his thick cock. He pumps himself a few times, already hard and ready, then puts his hands under my ass and slides me down the bed.

I lean up on my elbows as he slides inside, first slow, and then pulls back before sliding in hard and deep. My head falls back on my shoulders as he fills me all the way. Travis grunts and groans as he keeps his pace and soon he’s bringing me over the edge, again.

“Mm…two,” I say with a smile. “Now I’m famished. Feed your wife.”

Fifteen minutes later, we’re finally walking down to the dining room, and there’s so much food I don’t even know where to start. They definitely didn’t skimp on the ‘breakfast’ part of this deal.

“Mornin’,” John greets us. We say hello and immediately gush about how delicious the food is.

“I don’t know that I can ever leave Texas now,” I say before shoving a forkful of food in my mouth. “These pancakes are delicious. Why are they so good?”

“Probably made in bacon grease,” Travis teases, but then John nods in confirmation.

“It’s settled then. We’re moving here.” I grin, reaching for my second plate that I filled with pastries.

“It’s Mama’s way of keeping us all here.” John snickers, but I’m positive he’s not even joking.

“I don’t doubt it for a second.” I stab my sausage patty and engulf it.

“Well whenever you two are done and ready, Colton is ready for y’all at the barn just outside the B&B. He’s our horse trainer and will be taking y’all riding,” John informs us and for a minute I almost forgot that was the plan for the day. I was so busy devouring all this delicious food.

“I can’t wait!” I squeal then realize my voice is much louder than I meant by the weird looks I get.

“Don’t worry, y’all,” John says to the other guests nearby. “They’re from the big city in California. We’re breaking them in today.” He chuckles and Travis and I both laugh.

“It’s not that big,” I argue. “Not LA big.”

“Babe, he’s just kidding. You’re acting all excited to ride a horse when that’s the norm here. They probably ride them into town,” Travis says. John gives us a wink before walking over to another table.

“I would love that!” I say, trying to keep my voice down this time. “Okay, hurry up and finish so we can go!”

I’ve been a housewife and stay at home mom since we had Ginny, but I work at Travis’ marketing company when he needs extra help, so it’s safe to say my life naturally revolves around my kids and husband. Getting to go horseback riding on a real Texas ranch without yelling at the kids to stop pulling hair, making fart noises, or punching each other is going to be its own vacation all together.

After I’ve devoured two cups of coffee and shamelessly finished three plates of food and pastries, Travis and I head to the barn to meet the horse trainer.

“Hey, I’m Colton. You must be the King’s?”

“We are,” Travis says, taking his hand. “This is my wife, Viola and I’m Travis.”

“So excited!” I say, taking his hand next.

“As you can see, my wife is over the moon about riding.” Travis chuckles, and so does Colton. I don’t even care though because I refuse to apologize for my eagerness.

“Great, then let’s get right to it!” Colton leads us into the barn and introduces us to the horses we’ll be riding. He goes through the steps of brushing the horse, putting on the saddle and bridle, and once everything is set to go, he helps us onto our horses.

“Yours is named Snickers,” Colton tells me then directs his attention to Travis. “And yours is Oreo.”

“I’m sensing a theme.” I chuckle.

Colton leads us out of the barn and behind toward a trail. The landscape is beautiful, and the view nearly takes my breath away. Travis rides next to me and smiles wide, knowing how much I love this.

“You look good up there.” He winks at me.

“I hope you know I’m gonna ask for a horse for my birthday now,” I tease.

“I was afraid of that.” Travis laughs.

We ride for an hour before Colton leads us down a secluded path and I see a picnic spread out under a tree. Travis gets off his horse then helps me off mine, and Colton takes their ropes to tie them up.

“What did you do?” I ask accusingly, looking at my smug husband. “And how did you do this?”

He wraps his arms around my waist and leans in for a kiss. “I have my ways.” He winks, and I hear Colton chuckling behind me. “Okay, fine. One of the Bishops helped me. Courtney made it very clear they were to help make this weekend the most romantic possible.”

Just thinking of one of my best friends getting involved and telling her brothers to help makes me smile. “Well, A for effort.” I grin, and he takes my hand. Following behind, he leads us to the blanket covered grass and immediately serves me a glass of champagne.

Colton makes himself scarce, which gives me and Travis the privacy and alone time we need. I love that he’s put so much time into planning something special for us.

“I thought Valentine’s Day wasn’t until tomorrow?” I tease when he clanks his glass against mine.

“Every day is Valentine’s Day when I’m with you.”

I laugh, though he’s being sweet. “Not sure about that, but I appreciate the effort you’ve put in this year. It’s been a while since we’ve been able to have some uninterrupted time together for more than a few hours.”

Between the kids, his job, house chores, running errands, taking the kid’s to all their extracurricular activities, and filling in at his job when needed, there’s days where the first time we’d been able to sit and just say hello to each other was at ten o’clock at night when we’re getting ready for bed. At that point, exhaustion takes over, and we do it all over again the next day. Though life is busy and hectic, I wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world. Life with Travis and our kids is exactly what I envisioned when we got married all those years ago.

He unpacks the basket and we’re both surprised to see containers of fried chicken, twice-baked potatoes, and some veggie casserole. Inside there’s a note.

It was about time y’all tried some real southern food. Feed each other and enjoy!



“That woman,” I say, laughing.

“You heard her. You have to feed me.” Travis leans back on the blanket, puts his hands behind his head, and crosses his ankles.

“You’re pretty sure of yourself there, Mr. King.” I smirk, reaching for the other containers of food. “There’s even dessert.”


I chuckle, digging around for the silverware. “Just lie back and let me eat this off you.”

“Ooh, now we’re talking.”

Sensually, I lift his shirt to his neck and tease him with my fingers as I slide them down his chest and stomach and down to his bulge.

“Don’t tease me unless you’re prepared for the consequences,” he warns, his eyes fluttering closed when I start unzipping his jeans. With a devilish smirk, I slide them down just enough to pull his cock from his boxers.

“Fuck, what are you doing to me?”

“Just eating my lunch,” I taunt, grabbing the bottle of whipped cream out of the basket and shake it. I spray a line of cream along his shaft, and he mutters a slew of curse words.

“Viola,” he growls my name like he’s in agony. His hand reaches for me and squeezes my thigh.

I slide my tongue around his cock, tasting the cream on my lips and sucking him into my mouth. “Fuck,” he groans. I wrap my fist around his shaft when he arches his hips, and I pull him in deeper.

Once I’ve thoroughly sucked the cream off, I grab a strawberry that’s in another container and take a big, juicy bite. Then I spray the cream on the other half and feed it to Travis as I straddle his lap.

“Open up.” He does and nearly bites off my finger in the process. “Hey!” I squeal, laughing.

Before I can stop him, Travis grips my hips and rolls us until he’s on top of me. His mouth is on mine as his hands find their way into my panties.

“Travis, wait…” I mutter against his lips. “We’re outside!”

“You started it, princess,” he growls. “Now you better finish it.”

“But…what if Colton comes back?” I whisper. Though we’re basically in the middle of nothing, surrounded by trees, I’d rather not give the horse trainer an Rated R viewing.

“Don’t worry. I plan to have you screaming my name so loud, he’ll know to stay away.”

His confidence has me laughing and unable to deny him. Shifting his weight, he lowers my jeans and the moment I feel his lips on my pussy, my back flies off the blanket. The fact that we’re outside and could literally get caught at any moment has my senses in overdrive.

Travis works my pussy with his mouth and fingers until I’ve counted to three. He knows exactly what drives me insane and the way I like it. The fact that he loves pleasing me and gets off on my pleasure makes me eager to do the same for him.

“I need you,” I beg, reaching for him. “Please.”

“What do you need, princess?” he asks between trailing kisses on my stomach as he pushes my shirt up.

“You,” I repeat. “Now.” I spread my legs and reach for his cock.

“So greedy,” he murmurs. “Flip over, princess.”

“What?” I ask. “Here?”

He arches a brow, leans back on his knees, and moves his finger around in a circular motion. “Over. Now.”

I bite my lip to keep from smiling because honestly, I love this demanding side of him. It’s so goddamn hot and makes my pussy wet with anticipation. Rolling over, I stay flat on my stomach until I’m positioned where he wants me.

“Good girl,” he praises, pulling at my clothes. Wrestling around behind me, he grips my waist, widens my cheeks, and then gives me a swift crack to ass. “Goddamn, woman.”

Feeling his cock against me, I lift my hips, and he slides inside. I release a moan, then bite my lip to keep the noise down.

“Don’t you fucking dare, princess. I want you moaning and screaming.” He brings a hand to my mouth and releases my lip.

Travis smoothly drives into me, hard and deep, building my orgasm so fast I can’t catch my breath soon enough. “Fuck yes, princess. Your cunt is squeezing my dick so tight. I’m not stopping until you count to three.”

Oh my God. After this morning, I’m not sure how much more I can take.

“Faster,” I plead.

Travis wraps a hand around my throat and pumps his hips so hard into me I feel like I might break in two. He sticks two fingers inside my mouth, and I explode around him. Moments later, I feel him tense, and I know he’s close.

“One more, princess. Fuck, I’m so close. Come with me,” he orders, his voice raspy. Travis’ deep voice is so sexy that when he leans up slightly and thrusts harder into me hard, I ride out another release as he fills me.

My heart beats rapidly, the adrenaline from having outside sex is driving the high I feel.

Once we’re both cleaned up and clothed, Travis cups my face and presses the softest kiss against my lips and smiles. “See? We’re still adventurous and crazy.”

The look on his face has me laughing and nodding in agreement. “Boy Travis has nothing on Man Travis…older, wiser, and somehow, even naughtier.” I kiss him in return.

“I know it’s why you keep me around. You can’t get enough of the cock.”

“Oh, there’s arrogant Travis. Knew he’d be showing up,” I taunt, laughing when he tickles me for harassing him.

“I love you,” he says sweetly.

“I love you too.”

“Now time to finish up lunch because I plan to have you again for dessert.” He helps me up, and as soon as we stand, Colton comes trailing back with the three horses.

“Y’all have a nice lunch?” he asks, and my cheeks go red.

“The best meal of my life,” Travis answers proudly with a devilish grin.






After lunch yesterday, Viola and I came back to the B&B and lied around naked. We napped, we fucked, we ate, then we slept just to do it all over again.

I wake up and see Viola sleeping peacefully next to me. Though years have passed, there’s nothing like waking up next to my beautiful wife. I quietly slip out of bed and walk downstairs, grab food and coffee for us both from the buffet, then head back to the room. As the door clicks closed, Viola stirs. I set the tray down on the desk in the corner and grab the cup of coffee, and take a sip.

“Travis?” Viola asks in a sleepy tone.

At the sound of her voice, I still light up. “Happy Valentine’s Day, princess. I got us breakfast.”

She sits up and smiles, her hair a rustled mess, as I hand her the cup of coffee I made for her: extra cream and sugar, just the way she likes it.

“Mmm,” she says, and I bend over and kiss her on the forehead. “Happy Valentine’s Day to you too.”

“We’ve got a huge day today. I can’t wait for you to see what I have a planned.” I snag a piece of bacon.

She stands and grins, and I’m two seconds away from kissing that smirk off her pretty face as she heads to the bathroom. “Should I be worried?”

“Absolutely,” I tell her from the other side of the door.

A moment later, she comes out and sits, eating some of the bacon and eggs I brought up as I get dressed.

After we both eat, she gets dressed in jeans and a T-shirt, and we head downstairs. John greets us with a smirk and hands me an envelope. I look inside and see the tickets I requested.

“What’s that?” Viola asks.

“Don’t worry your pretty little face about it,” I tell her. Sometimes she’s so hard to surprise, but thanks to Courtney, it’s gone off without a hitch so far.

John chuckles. “Y’all have fun.”

“Oh we will,” I say smugly before Viola and I walk through the B&B and go to the car. There’s something about the ranch that’s so damn magical. While I love California because it’s home, Texas is one of those places I’d consider retiring to one day. Courtney’s already told everyone when we’re fifty we’re all moving to the ranch with the kids and starting our own compound. Each time she brings it up, I laugh, but I have a feeling she’s not kidding, especially considering her entire family lives here, along with all her nieces and nephews.

Viola and I get into the car and drive down the rocky road toward the country road that leads to San Angelo. On the drive over, Viola stares out the window and looks at the rolling hills and tall burnt grasses. Considering it’s February, almost all the grass is brown, much different from when we visited in the late spring for Courtney and Drew’s wedding.

I see her from the corner of my eye fidgeting, and eventually, we pull into a large parking lot, and her eyes light up when she sees the large sign hanging over the entrance. We get out of the car, and she’s completely elated.

“We’re going to a rodeo? Like a real rodeo?”

“Yes ma’am,” I say in my best Texan accent but fail ridiculously.

She bursts out into laughter, and I pull her into my arms as we walk toward the entrance. I take the tickets out of the envelope and hand her one.

“John was in on it, wasn’t he?” She looks down at it then back at me.

“Of course. You know how those damn Bishops are.”

Her laughter is completely contagious. “Oh, how I do. I know exactly where Courtney gets her personality from.”

“Yeah, totally. Especially with Jackson, John, Evan, and Alex as her brothers. I’m surprised she’s not worse.”

The thought makes me chuckle because she grew up on a ranch and was the only girl out of five kids.

The attendant at the front takes our tickets, and as soon as we walk inside, Viola is all smiles. People dress in cowboy gear all around us, and it’s somewhat of a culture shock. The two of us stick out like a West coast sore thumb. Viola studies the flier we got as we entered the gate. “Ooh, there’s a kid cattle roping contest in about thirty minutes. Can we watch it?”

“Of course,” I tell her, grabbing her hand. “Your sweet ass is leading the way,” I lean over and whisper in her ear.

We pass tons of food trucks, an art gallery, and even a beer garden on the way over to the arena. Before we walk in, I stop at a tent that’s selling Cowboy hats. Viola glances at me with a smirk. “Dare you.”

“Oh, princess. You never dare the king.” I pick up a black velvet hat, and a pink one for her then pay the cashier. After I put mine on, Viola has a laughing fit as she looks at me. She’s doubled over when I place hers on her head.

“Now we’re true Texans. The hat says so,” she says with a snort as we enter the arena.

“I guess that means you need to save a horse and ride a cowboy tonight.” I smirk, and her eyebrow pops up.

We climb the stairs on the bleachers and listen as the announcers give a rundown of the upcoming events. A group of rodeo clowns walk out and do a funny little skit that has Viola grinning wide. I lean over and whisper in her ear.

“I know your secret,” I tell her.

She pops an eyebrow and glances at me. “What’s that?” she whispers.

“You’re not wearing any panties.” My lips graze against the shell of her ear, and she melts into me.

“Mmm. How sure are you?” she asks, taunting me. I place my thumb under her chin and force her to look into my eyes.

“One hundred percent.” I lean forward and paint my lips against hers.

Her cheeks heat, and she looks around. Though the years have passed and we’re much older than when we first got together, Viola is still shy when it comes to our public display of affection. But I could give two shits who knows she’s mine. Now and forever. She’s the sexiest woman in this place, and I need everyone to know she’s taken.

In the distance, I see a few kids on ponies lined up. They look tiny sitting on top of the saddles. The announcer calls out the first contestant, and he rides out where a little calf is running around. Within a minute, he’s roping the cow, jumping off the saddle, and running on his short legs toward the animal to tie its legs. Adults stand by and supervise as he struggles to get the calf down.

“Holy crap,” Viola whispers. “These kids are ruthless.” Her eyes are as wide as saucers.

I wrap my arm around her and pull her close. “Doesn’t it make you want another one?”

She snorts. “No. I’m d-o-n-e, done. Three is enough.”

“You carrying my baby is hot as fuck though,” I tease her, knowing the pregnancies were rough on her considering they were so close together, but sometimes I think back to when our kids were babies and miss that stage. They’ve grown up so quick and act like they don’t need us anymore.

“I do love babies though,” Viola says. “But hopefully that means we’ll be young grandparents so we can spoil our little grandbabies then send them home like our parents do.”

“That’s true, though James and Ginny are never allowed to date, so we won’t have to worry about that.”

Viola playfully rolls her eyes. “The one we’ll need to worry about is TJ. He’s the spitting image of you with all your charm. He’s going to be dangerous.”

“That’s my boy!” I say proudly. “He is named after me for a reason.”

Soon another kid is riding out, doing the same as the other, but he trips on the way to the calf, and the audience releases an aww. Soon he’s tying up the baby calf, and the clock is stopping again. This happens several times until this part of the rodeo ends. People get up and walk down the stands.

“Want to get a drink?” Viola asks, and I nod.

We grab glasses of wine and walk through the art gallery. Most of the images are of horses and ranch life, and it’s interesting to see how different this part of the world lives. Homemade quilts hang against the wall, and many of them have ribbons attached to the outside of them, and I can imagine women like Mama Bishop quilting until the late hours of the night. There’s something special about Texas and the simple life, and I understand why people move to the middle of nowhere—for solidarity.

We walk through the exhibit hall, buy a few jars of local honey, and souvenirs for the kids. After we’ve spent most of the day at the rodeo and watch a few more shows, we leave.

I grab her free hand as we walk out to the car. Before I open the door for her, I remove the pink cowboy hat from her head and place my lips sweetly against hers. She’s greedy for me though, and grabs the bottom of my shirt with her fists and pulls me back to her.

“If you keep it up, princess, I don’t think I’ll be able to stop,” I admit when we both come up for air. She snickers, looks around at all the people walking into the gates and opens the door and climbs inside.

Damn, she’s a tease.

I drive us across town, and we stop at a restaurant that John recommended. I explained to him that we’d be at the rodeo most of the day and didn’t want Viola to feel out of place in her comfy clothes. So he recommended the Texas Log Cabin, and when we pull up, that’s exactly what it looks like.

“Oh, authentic Texas food! I love it!” She smiles.

We walk inside, and they have a huge fireplace in the center of the room. We’re escorted to a table in front of the fire, and that’s when I notice red heart-shaped candles on each table. It’s a nice touch.

Viola sits and looks around. She leans over and whispers. “This place is amazing.”

The ceilings are tall, and it looks almost like a ski lodge inside. Different mounted game are displayed on the wall like deer and even a few hogs. As the fire crackles, we look over the menu and everything listed sounds delicious. We snacked on food at the rodeo, but we haven’t really eaten anything since breakfast this morning before we left.

A younger girl walks up, and she looks like she’s no older than sixteen. She smiles wide at us and takes our drink order.

“Anything you’d recommend?” Viola asks.

“Oh yes, ma’am. I personally love the chicken fried steak with homemade mashed potatoes and sweet baby carrots, but honestly, you can’t go wrong with anything on the menu. It’s all good.” She smiles before walking away to get our drinks.

Viola laughs to herself.

“What?” I look at her over the menu.

“Everyone here is friendly. It’s so crazy. Texans.” She shakes her head.

“So you wanna move?” I ask.

She shuts her menu and throws a smirk my way. “Courtney’s finally gotten to you, hasn’t she?”

I shrug. “Not right now, but maybe one day.” Texas wouldn’t be so bad. It’d be different from the constant noise of the city and once our kids are grown and moved out, then what?”

“Okay, Mr. King. How about I say, we’ll see?” She shoots me a wink.

The waitress walks up and Viola orders what she recommended, and I decide to get the same thing. I watch the light of the flames lick her skin. Noticing I’m watching her, Viola tuckers loose strands of hair behind her ears and smiles at me.

“I’m going to call your mom real quick and check on the kids,” she tells me, and I nod. Viola is such a beautiful woman without even trying. I look at her, and I’m so thankful she’s mine. While we’ve had our ups and downs over the years, I wouldn’t change any of it. I watch as she talks to each of the kids and tells them how much we love them. Our kids are so damn lucky to have someone so caring as their mother.

She hangs up and looks at me. “They’re doing fine. Your mother fed them tons of ice cream after dinner. TJ’s so wired right now. I hope he calms down or your mother’s hair is going to be completely white by the time we pick them up.”

“She raised me. I’m sure she can handle him,” I remind her. “Plus she loves spoiling them. I’m sure by tomorrow they’re all riding out the sugar high.” I chuckle. “After all the cookies and treats she feeds them.”

“Of course she will.”

Viola beams just as our food is being set down in front of us. It smells like home-cooked heaven, and my stomach growls just looking at the massive portion in front of me—another reason why I love Texas.

Viola and I dig in as we make small talk about the rodeo and the things we need to do around the house. It’s times like this I’m so thankful she gave me a chance all those years ago—though I didn’t make it easy on her at first. The back and forth of should we or shouldn’t we, the unexpected pregnancy, the proposal, and then having Ginny and planning a wedding. It was a whirlwind, that’s for sure.

As our waitress fills our drinks, I notice people crowding around the front of the restaurant to be seated. There’s not an empty table in the room, and we have prime seating in front of the fireplace. It looks as if it’s one of the most popular places in San Angelo, and I make a mental note to give John a big thank you for his recommendation.

Once we finish eating, the waitress asks if we want dessert, which we both refuse because, at this point, they’re going to have to roll us both out the door. We pay and head back to the ranch, and as I drive down the winding road, I can’t seem to get us back quickly enough.

“Today was amazing,” Viola and turns and looks at me, grabbing my hand and interlocking her fingers with mine.

“You’re amazing, princess.” I kiss her knuckles as we turn onto the gravel road. Though the sun has set in the distance, our night has just begun.

“I know that look,” she taunts.

I arch a brow and shoot her a smirk as I turn off the car. Grabbing her hand, I lead her up the steps, inside, and up the stairs.

When we walk inside, she gasps and covers her mouth with her hands. I had John light candles and sprinkle flower petals around the room, only setting the mood for what’s to come.

“If I didn’t know better, I’d say you’re surprised,” I say along the shell of her ear.

She shivers against me, and when she turns around, our lips crash together causing a wave of want and need to surface. Pulling back, she giggles. “It’s like we’re twenty-somethings all over again.”

I place my hand on the scruff of my chin and rub as I look her body up and down. “I think we might have to relive our twenties tonight?”

“Hmm,” she hums with a glimmer in her eyes. She pulls her bottom lip between her teeth, which drives me absolutely fucking nuts, and I remove the space between us.

“Understand, princess?”

She nods, looking up into my eyes as I slowly undress her and do just that.






Travis has always taken his time with, treating me with special care, making sure my needs are met before his several times, and tonight is no different. As his fingertips glide across my skin, he sends shivers up my spine. Feeling him touch me, never gets old, and at this point, I know it never will.

Travis takes off his shirt and stands with his jeans hanging haphazardly on his hips. I run my fingertips down his abs, trace the tattoos on his body, and he lets out a ragged breath.

“Fuck, Viola,” he whispers before his mouth meets mine again. Before we walk to the bed, he studies me, enjoying all my curves and imperfections, then gently lays me down. To him, I’m perfect—and when I’m with him—I feel as if I am too.

With a tight grip, he grabs my ass and pulls me toward him before dropping to his knees.

“Mmm, dessert,” he says before burying his face between my legs. I hold onto the quilt with white knuckles and sink into him. I place my hand over my mouth, trying to hold back the moans that are begging to escape as Travis devours me.

“You’re so fucking wet, princess,” he says kissing my inner thighs, but I don’t want him to stop, not when I’m so damn close. I run my fingers through his hair, wanting him to continue, but all he does is laugh against my clit. “Always so damn greedy too.”

“Some things never change.” I pant, pushing myself up on my elbows and glancing at him. Though he satisfies, he loves to tease too. Instead of immediately giving me want I want, he paints my skin with his lips. Eventually, his tongue flicks across my clit, causing waves of pleasure to shoot through me. Before I completely lose it, he places one finger inside then another, working me slow then fast, never allowing me to get into his rhythm because I’ll instantly crumble beneath him.

My head falls back and with another flick of his tongue, it’s all it takes before I’m losing myself on his mouth. My body convulses and the orgasms rocks through me so hard, I see stars.

“Mmm, one,” I whisper. As I slowly come down from my release, Travis stands, slides off his pants and boxers, and he’s so goddamn hard, I’m surprised his cock didn’t burst straight through the seams.

“I hope you’re ready to lose count.” He gives me a seductive look he’s perfected for decades then climbs on the bed. Hovering above me, his hardness meets my opening and in a slow, calculated movement fills me whole. Travis dips his head down, and our tongues twirl and twist together as he fucks me and thrusts with everything he has. I feel as if I’m a crumbling mess as my body tenses and before I completely spill over, Travis speaks, “Tell me what you want, princess.” His voice is deep and rough, and it sends a shiver through me. I don’t know how he manages to do that every damn time, but he’s a master at it.

“You,” I plead. “To fuck me from behind,” I add.

I see a spark in his eyes as he slides off the bed. Then he grabs my feet, pulling me to the edge, and flips me over. With a steady hand, he slaps my ass before forcing his hard cock into my opening. His hand against my skin echoes through the room, and I’m sure the entire B&B heard it.

“Yesyesyes,” I beg, needing and wanting more of him. Reaching around, he grabs my nipple and pinches, and that’s when I begin to unravel, but not entirely. The sound of his grunts makes me smile as he fucks me with everything he has. At this moment, I don’t think about anything but us and how goddamn amazing it feels when he’s inside me. Travis lowers his palm, and when his fingers circle my clit, I can’t hold back any longer and moan into the sheets.


I press my face against the bed and pant, hoping no one heard, but damn. Travis doesn’t stop there, thrusting his cock deeper, and I’m almost shocked when I immediately come again as he slams against my G Spot over and over again. I’m a trembling mess, ready to fall over, but I know we’re not done yet.

Travis places kisses along my skin, playing with my tits, and I release soft moans.

“I’m so fucking close, princess,” he says, and I sink into him, wanting him to break me in half with his rock hard cock. I love hearing him lose himself in me and encourage him every chance I can. His thumbs dig into my hips, and soon he’s losing himself too, and not quietly.

Travis bends over, wraps his arms around my waist and kisses my shoulder. “Goddamn.”

His raspy voice has me grinning.

Soon we’re cleaning up and crawling into bed. We lay there naked with smiles on our faces in complete bliss.

“You’re a dirty little thing, princess. And I fucking love it.” He leans over and kisses me. I can still taste my orgasms on his lips.

“You created a monster.” I grin. We haven’t had a sex fest like this in years, not with three kids ready to barge into our room at any given moment. Though we always lock the door, that doesn’t stop them. Soon there’s constant knocking and little fingers underneath the wood.

“A little sex monster.” He chuckles. “I love you.”

“I love you too, Travis. Always have. Always will.”

He pulls me into his arms, and we fall asleep until the early morning hours.




For the first time this weekend, I wake up before Travis. As soon as my feet hit the hard wooden floor, I can feel every single place he’s been this weekend. My thighs feel like I ran a marathon and I don’t know what the hell happened to my back, but I’m pretty sure it hasn’t been pushed on or thrown around like that in quite a while. My body is screaming at me, but I smile as I think about how it was all worth it.

Considering we have a four-hour drive back to San Antonio to catch a flight to California, I hurry and jump in the shower. The hot water runs over my naked body, and I only get a minute of uninterrupted time before Travis climbs in behind me. I look over my shoulder, and he shoots me a boyish grin before wrapping his arms around my waist. I can feel his hardness against my back as he kisses my shoulder and then he slips inside me, filling me with his length.

His movements are slow and calculated and as the water cascades against my nipples, I know I won’t last as long as I want. This weekend will be one to remember for sure. As our pants increase, Travis reaches around and circles my clit. Just the sensation causes pleasure to course through me. I place my palms against the wall, pushing myself against him as he continues to fuck me into oblivion. I’m almost scared I’ll fall right out of the tub, but he holds on to me with dear life.

“Viola.” He pants in my ear, his lips grazing across the skin of my neck. “I love you, princess.”

“I love you so damn much,” I say, and within moments I see white as the orgasm takes control.

“Fuck,” Travis moans out, holding me tight against him as he comes down from his high. I turn around and kiss the hell out of him, and he grabs my cheeks in his hands and deepens it. Our tongues intertwine together, and I’m so grateful that after all this time, I can still look in his eyes and feel the exact way I first felt all those years ago. It always amazes me that the crush I had on him when I was thirteen turned into falling deeply and hopelessly in love with him.

“Keep it up, and we’ll be here until the water runs cold,” he says, but I know he’s not joking.

I kiss him again. “We don’t have time for that. We have to get going,” I remind him.

“Fine.” he rolls his eyes but shoots me a smirk. Travis picks up the shampoo and washes my hair for me. I lean into his touch, enjoying his touch, but this is nothing new. He takes any opportunity to pamper me. After he’s completed washed and scrub my body, I return the favor, and then we step out. Travis hands me a big fluffy towel, and I wrap it around my body.

“Can we come back?” I ask as I slip on some jeans and a Harry Potter T-shirt with the Deathly Hallows displayed on the front.

Travis pulls a shirt over his head, and he’s grinning. “You tell me when, and I’ll make it happen.”

“Next weekend?” I chuckle as he crosses the room and removes the space between us.

“Are you saying you didn’t get enough of me?” He pulls my bottom lip into his mouth and sucks, which causes me to grab his T-shirt in my fists and pull him as close we can go.

“Never,” I whisper across his mouth and when he unzips his pants, I burst into laughter.

“We don’t have time!” I give him a look, and he pouts.

“Fine, but I’m taking a rain check, for tonight, when we get home.”

“Relentless.” I laugh, and he pulls me back into his arms.

“I’m only relentless for you, princess. Always have been, always will be.”

I smile. “Good. That’s the way I like it.”

We finish packing our things and before we leave, I turn around and look at the room and sigh. “I love this place. It was perfect,” I say.

“Oh we’ll be back,” he tells me as I click the door closed and we walk down the stairs. Travis goes and puts our bags in the back of the car and comes back inside so we can eat breakfast. As we load up our plates and make cups of coffee, John comes over and sits with us as we eat.

“So you’re moving to Texas soon, right?” He gives me a wink.

I narrow my eyes at him. “I’m sure Courtney put you up to asking me that question, didn’t she?”

He bursts out laughing. “She might’ve. But I love it here, and I want her here, so if that means you bunch have to come too, then so be it. The more the merrier and Mama would love to feed you all. We have a great private school,” he says.

“Isn’t that because your wife runs it?” Travis asks. I can’t believe he remembered that. Courtney keeps us updated on everything that goes on with her family, including the drama.

“Guilty,” John says. “But I’ll let you two eat. Oh, and Mama brought a container of chocolate chip cookies for the road. Can’t let y’all get hungry,” John says before standing, walking off, and returning with at least two dozens of cookies.

A laugh escapes me, but I think I’m more in shock than anything. “Are you serious right now? I’m going to gain twenty pounds,” I say, looking at all of them.

John smirks, and before he can get away, Travis stands and shakes his hand and thanks him for everything he did for us. I stand and give him a big hug.

When John walks away, Travis looks at me as he eats a piece of bacon. “Convinced to move yet?”

“Stop it!” I giggle. “We’re not moving. Yet.”

He points at me. “Yet! Me and Courtney will get our way, eventually!”

“Did you forget you have an entire company in California?” I arch a brow at him, and he finally surrenders to staying put—at least for now.

We finish eating and put up our plates and make two to-go coffees.

“Y’all be safe out there,” John tells us as we start heading out, and I swear his southern accent got thicker.

“We will.” I turn and give him a wave. When we step off the porch, and I look out at the rolling hills, I think that maybe one day, I could live here. It’s peaceful and quiet, the type of place people go to settle down and enjoy their days together.

Travis grabs my hand, and we go to the car. Once we’re inside, I let out a sigh and lean my head against the headrest and smile. This weekend was amazing, one I won’t be forgetting anytime soon.



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